White buffalo

A white buffalo is not truly white. It is actually a hybrid of a Charolais cow and a buffalo. The coat of a young White Buffalo will gradually turn brown as it grows. Albinos, which have blue eyes, are also known as White buffalo. A rare genetic disease can also cause a White Buffalo to become a dark shade of brown. A few people have spotted a white calf among the 13 that were surrounded by a pen.

While the White Buffalo is an understated creature, it is a powerful animal. Although it looks delicate, its power is undeniable. Similarly, this game does not have the massive bonus elements that most other games have. The most interesting feature of the White Buffalo is the randomly activated bonus game, which awards you free spins and extra chances to line up the jackpot. A large variety of symbols are available to players. However, the most popular symbols in the game are the Wild West, the Indians and the buffalo.

The White Buffalo is a mysterious and mystical animal that can bring you great fortunes. This slot features five reels and twenty-five paylines and features symbols of buffalos, Indians, and grass. It has a 1,000x jackpot that can be won, and it also offers a free spins bonus game where you can win extra spins and extra chances to line up the jackpot. In addition to these wild and scatter wins, you can also trigger the randomly activated bonus game to win even more cash.